The last week of every month

As passionate followers of Christ, we believe that church is not just a building where we gather. We believe the Holy Spirit is within us (John 14:26), and He is the one who saves souls. Our mission is to GO (Mark 16:15)--to GO where people are who need to hear the gospel. GO week is centered on the idea that we will GO to people outside of our church building, build relationships, and bridge the gap to the good news of Christ. 

What is GO Week?

How it started: We felt like as a church, we were doing programs very well (ie: small groups, serve teams, special events, etc.). What we realized was that we needed to find an effective way to reach people outside of the walls of the church in addition to our scheduled local outreach programs. So we came up with a strategy… let’s take one week off of church events, to free up church members' schedules in order that they can participate in GO Week.


The Mission: Reach people for Jesus outside of scheduled church activities by strategically scheduling time with a person or a few people to get to know them personally, get to know their stories, meet them where they are and talk to them about Jesus by sharing personal testimonies and building relationships. 

The idea is to consistently reach the same person or people and build relationships. We want to create a bridge that’ll help encourage them to attend church small groups and activities when they are ready (no time frame, we leave that to the Holy Spirit).

What this looks like: 

Here are some examples of what people are doing the last week of every month:

    - meeting with a friend over coffee

    - meeting with a coworker at the golf course

    - having neighbors over for dinner

    - connecting with someone in a public place (laundromat, grocery store, etc)


Summary: GO Week is permission to skip church the last week of the month (except Sunday!) and hang out with someone who does not yet have a personal relationship with Christ who needs someone to listen to them, care for them, and love them as Jesus would in hopes that the Holy Spirit would move them to surrender their life to Christ.

Still have more questions? We'd love to answer them.

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